Zooey Deschanel Has A Hot Dog On Her Head

I cannot quite imagine the explanation for Zooey Deschanel having a hot dog hat at the beach, but I’m sure when this scene plays out on the show, it will all make perfect sense. Zooey was spotted yesterday (October 07, 2013) filming scenes for New Girl with Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris on the beach in Los Angeles.

The New Girl actress was bullied at school in Santa Monica, California, but isn’t bitter about the people who were mean to her, because she thinks they find it hard to relate when they grow up. 

She said: “A lot of people I knew who didn’t struggle, who maybe came from a lot of money or were really pretty – those people actually have a harder time as adults in a way.

“They don’t even understand what it’s like to not be pretty. I’m not saying it’s good, I don’t think people should be mean to each other, but I think it made me stronger.”

Zooey, 33, recalled how one popular girl once spat in her face, but said she has even forgiven her.

She told British Marie Claire magazine: “I was talking to her, and she didn’t want me to. I honestly did nothing. I just remember walking to me locker and wiping the spit off my face, so humiliated. I’ve forgiven her now, I just don’t forget.”

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