Zoe Saldana Doesn’t Like Naked Surprises!

Zoe Saldana got an eyeful of James Marsden on the set of their movie Death at a FuneralShowbizSpy reports James didn’t warn Zoe before a scene where he was planning to strip.

“He’s (Marsden)
supposed to be naked on the rooftop and I open the window and go, ‘What
are you doing, come back inside?’ He didn’t give me any warning that he
had taken off his pants. So I just opened the window and saw a lot more
of him than I was expecting, and I’m just trying not to look below his
eyes. Afterward, I yelled at him, ‘Warn me if you ever do that
again or I’m going to punch you.'”

You wouldn’t talk to your grandmother with that mouth would you Zoe?  She was seen leaving a hotel with her granny April 22nd, in New York City.

James was shocked that she would do such a thing since she presented herself as such a lady when she didn’t look below the belt, er, hip bone.

Zoe also comments she doesn’t do unnecessary nude scenes.  In her new movie The Losers, she told the director she wasn’t going to do a scene naked because it wasn’t believable or necessary.

By the way she keeps it classy at premieres, totes her grandma around, and uses her brain, Zoe sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders.