Zoe Saldana Nude For Allure, Says She Could End Up With A Woman

Zoe Attends 'The Words' Premiere
Saldana Stands Alongside Bradley Cooper Looking Fab
Can you say gorgeous?

Star Trek star Zoe Saldana puts it all out there in the latest issue of Allure magazine. Allure also puts it all out there by publishing Saldana’s weight on the cover of the magazine.

The Allure cover featuring Zoe Saldana has an unusual cover line: “Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds Of Grit And Heartache.” It just seems so odd and out of place. A celebrity’s weight is rarely talked about, and never published on a cover of a magazine. 

As for her shoot, Zoe said, “This is the first time I’ve shown so much of myself on a shoot,” Saldana said of her experience. “I felt so beautiful.”

Saldana, who has famously dated two actors in Hollywood — Bradley Cooper and Keith Britton — appears to be over it.

“Been there, done that, got the T-shirt,” she tells the mag on dating fellow stars. “[I might] end up with a woman raising my children. … That’s how androgynous I am.”

Ladies, any takers?

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