Zit-Popping is the New Burping


Us Weekly had a little birdie hanging out at Teddy’s last night, who got to witness some celebs in their natural habiat, live and uncut. Cameron Diaz ran into friend, David Katzenberg, who happened to be there with his GF, Nicky Hilton. After some intense dancing, Cammie and Nicky decided it was time for their meeting in the ladies’ room and took it to the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Cam, who drank Voss water all night, proceeded to destroy any romantic notions we had about the beauty of being a celebrity.

The stars stared at themselves in the mirror, complaining about the nasty pimples on their faces.

Then, in a moment we wish we could have documented on camera (where’s a lipstick cam when you need one?), they both began popping their zits!

Now, here’s the thing…I’m a notorious public wedgie-picker, so I really should be cutting these ladies some slack. But, I think I draw the line at performing actions in public that release body juices into the atmosphere. And as of yet, me yanking at my underwear has yet to have that effect, so I rest my case.


More photos of Cameron Diaz hanging out in Soho after the jump.