Zedd & Porter Robinson Spin At The Ultra Chic Nightclub, Greystone Manor, in Los Angeles

ALERT!Deadmau5, Skrillex and David Guetta—there are new bass heads in town ready to ‘whomp’ their way to the top of the electronic music food chain.

Zedd, 23, just released his album worldwide, Clarity, which quickly became the number one dance album on iTunes. His ability to conjure every sub-genre of electronic music and morph it into one cosmic compilation of songs is uncanny. While the reigning kings of rap have Nicki Minaj to feature on their tracks, in the Electro-pop scene none does it better than Ellie Goulding. The single featuring Goulding, “Fall Into the Sky,” has us falling in love with his mixing style and technique.

And let us not forget, the prodigal Porter Robinson, only a mere 20 years old, held his ground with a stampede of storming tracks of techno thunder. Therefore, it was our pleasure to be drowned in the ‘Poseidon Tour,’ on October 10th at LA’s exclusive nightclub, Greystone Manor. With exceptional lighting, modern decor and an ear-bending sound system, a rave revolution was in full ignition. And, we happily obliged. 

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Zedd and Porter Robinson Tour Dates