What Do Zahia Dehar And Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Have In Common, We Ask? [PHOTOS]

It’s so wonderful to see a girl who traded sex for money and fame parlay her “career” in to a designer.  What’s even better is seeing her collection show in Paris alongside Chanel, Elie Saab and Gaultier.

Zahia Dehar was once part of a prostitution ring involving French soccer stars, and now she owns a lingerie line with pieces going for as much as $200.

Zahia showed yesterday at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

I’ll let that sentence sink in.

The budding designer is preparing to launch ready-to-wear come fall.  Why? 

“Because that’s where the money is,” Tugdual Denis, operations and sales director of Zahia told Womens Wear Daily.

“Down the line we want to branch out and diversify into swimwear, hosiery, potentially also cosmetics — we are talking to major licensors with a lot of interest in the brand. What we want to build is a lifestyle brand within the next few years.”

You hear that, children?  If you turn to a life of prostitution, so many doors open up for you.  Some of those doors lead to STDs, but others might lead to a friendship with Karl Lagerfeld.