Zahara Jolie-Pitt Is Jealous Of Shiloh Nouvell Jolie-Pitt

June 21st, 2006 // 37 Comments

Ah yes, sisters. Angelina Jolie revealed in her CNN interview with Anderson Cooper that there seems to be a little sibling rivalry between Zahara, whom Jolie calls “Z,” and the newborn Shiloh Nouvell. However, Maddoxx, whom Jolie refers to as “Mad,” is enjoying the new addition to the family.

(The sound quality isn’t that great.)

“Mad loves her,” Jolie said Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. “Because when Z came home she was older, she was seven months old, so for Mad it’s like having this tiny little pet he can just hold and look at. He’s great.”

But, she added, “Z’s a little jealous, because she’s still a little girl.”

“I was kind of prepared to defend my other children,” she said. “I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention, because something was going to be different about this new one.”

Angelina: Zahara is Jealous of Shiloh [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cindy

    We all know that young kids could be jealous of their new born siblings. What’s the point?

  2. sassy

    Well. yes, that does happen. Especially since Zahara is only a year and a half herself. I’m sure she’ll get over it. She’s been “the baby” for a year now and I’m sure she wonders why she’s been overshadowed by the baby, but hey, if she doesn’t get over it they say the siblings that have the most conflict as kids are the closest as adults. That’s true with me and my sister anyway.

  3. Toots

    ‘Z’ will be going lifetime postal on ‘S’ since ‘M’, ‘A’, and ‘B’ will soon forget all about her. The poor little scootlet, dragged into all this madness.

  4. Tansy

    Toots, I respectfully disagree. Zahara may not remember her first seven months of life, but, statistically, she is likely to have died before her third birthday but for the intervention of Angelina. Like her or not, she practices what she preaches, and good on her for that!

  5. kato

    I realllllly hate to say this, but Zahara has a resemblence to Star Jones. It never occured to me before, but looking at this picture, they look like they could be related.

  6. Niki

    All i can say is this – the interview with Anderson Cooper was really insightful, if we can all do our share of kindness, this world be a better place.
    Clone Angelina!

  7. Toots

    To that I respectfully reply that sibling rivalry knows no age limit. If she’s already jealous, just watch what happens in the next few years.

    As for Ms. Jolie,, well she just gives me the creeps. Just my opinion, that is..

  8. nothing will happen

    Zahara and Shiloh will be FINE. Zahara is still a BABY herself. All she knows is that someone new is in the house. Yes, I’m sure she is jealous, I was when my sister was born and I was seven. My sister and I are very close now. We weren’t when we were younger. The more rivalry you have the closer you will be when you get older.

  9. Wow. I am blown away by this interview. I am suddenly grateful for all I have. Good luck Angelina. You do more than what your average actress does – you are informed and you speak up./ That’s what Millionaires should do! Zahara is gorgeous!

  10. Jenn

    The sad thing is that when Zahara is like 14 she’s going to be able to use the internet and read all about this which will just add fuel to her fire – and there ain’t no fire like a 14 year old girl who thinks she’s been wronged by mummy & daddy

  11. noodles

    for pete’s sake people – she’s a BABY! kids have no emotional filter, so their emotions manifest in a very pure way. mad? cry. hungry? whine. jealous? be more clingy to mom/dad & cry when the source of your jealousy is getting more attention.

    as she gets older & accepts her little sister – when she can understand the concept of a little sister – i am sure she’ll be just fine.

  12. damn2003

    u peolpe suck, look at the big picture, all this good this woman does. and all you’ll talk about is dumb shit, because you all r evil people

  13. Toots

    Jealousy is not a little light green passing phase. Just think of when Shiloh is fully realized as the godzilla of all celeb spawn, how the race and adoption thing is going to feel to Zahara. Just sayin’ is all..

  14. GBJPfamily

    Never have I read (not just on this board) so many people desirious of a negative end to this family “kids included.” I hope and wish for all the best for Brad, Angelina and any & all their children the best, and God bless them.

  15. ravenswing

    Exactly, Cindy!

    and GPJPFamily, brillian post. I couldn’t have said it better!

  16. ravenswing

    sorry, should have read brilliant

  17. Laura

    I’m praying for the family. Not big fans of the parents, but the children come first. These children are blessed. Angelina will be fully aware of any pitfalls and do everything possible to keep her children happy.

  18. delicious_dysfunktion

    {shrugs}It happens,nothing new from anyother family.

  19. Ok, I just watched this video. I cannot believe the critics. How can you stand there and criticize this woman? How can you? She is open and honest about these issues.

    She is involved. She has done great things. Simple things that all of us could do even with little money. Why don’t you all adopt? It is easy – easier overseas than in the US by the way.

    No you all want to keep breeding kids into this world and not take in needy kids. I will adopt for sure in my life now because of Angelina’s example.

    Thank you Angelina. I go in wanting to be entertained by you and here you are changing me and motivating me to be a better person.

    You are worlds above your critics and above your boyfriend’s exes who don’t take the time to talk of the world around them.

    I am calling UNCHR right now and giving money. I will not stand by and watch any longer. I wanted to be involved. God expects this of all of us.

    Thanks Angelina. WHen I spend a $10 to see your movies, I’ll feel better now because I know I am supporting someone with a big heart and with guts.

  20. Babe


    when people really hate or dislike someone, nothing that other person does is ever good enough. That’s the nature of the beast.
    These people believe that Angelina has a bad character and that her good deeds are just deeds for outward show.

    The same thing is done to Jennifer Aniston. Nothing new.

  21. Sam

    I can’t believe this is news. It hilarious. Of course she is jealous. That’s what kids do. When my sister had her second child, my nephew did all sorts of things to his little sister, dumping water on her, coloring all over her, because he was jealous. Its a year later, and you couldn’t imagine one without the other, they spend every minute together. Kids get over it, it just takes them a few months to adapt the the idea that they aren’t the baby anymore.

  22. Rachel

    at first i idn’t believe that she was doing this with a genuine heart, but when i saw her on CNN yesterday, i could see that she really loved her children.

  23. Finally seen the light

    Thank God! My girl Angelina is finally getting some of the respect she deserves from the people who have denigrated her for only doing good works to get good press. I worship everything about this woman: physically stunning, yes – but, trite as it may be to say it – her outward beauty is NOTHING when compared to what she’s got inside.

    To me, the two most beautiful actresses that ever lived are Audrey Hepburn – who also had a soft spot for disadvantaged children and was a UNICEF ambassador before her – and Angelina Jolie. This is why I get so bloody ANGRY when I read the posts from all of Angelina’s detractors; someone tell me, please, what noble cause does Jennifer Aniston support and devote herself to? Because from where I’m sitting, all SHE seems to stand for is pampering herself, whining about her career and deciding how to furnish her Malibu beach house.

    Seriously, I really want to do know: DOES Jen do any good works? Cuz at this point, I’ll even settle for hearing that she writes a big check for any and all celeb charity events that she might attend so she doesn’t have to go to the 3rd world herself and get dirtied up and mess up her manicure….

    Vivé la Angelina!

  24. Carinda

    There is a whole other side to this movie star as well as the other players in this drippy drama.
    If you can handle an uncomplimentary point of view check this out:

  25. sickofitall

    You are pathetic if you worship Angelina Jolie, a celebrity and someone you don’t even know personally. Why don’t you worship someone who is perfect? Like God. I think most of you don’t believe in God and that’s why you’re so hung up on stars. Where this world is heading, I don’t know. It’s completely distressing. And sad.

  26. Good Stuff

    Carinda, loved it! I’m into that stuff too. What that psychic said is dead on. I already knew Jen and Vince’s relationship won’t last and Brad and Angelina won’t last. Most of us with any kind of intuition or powerful discernment know exactly how Brad is feeling right now. The lady is right on!

    Thanks for that.

  27. lysellio

    all this talk about Z and how she must feel is ridiculous. the kid is too young to even know she is adopted or to even understand race. She is a typical toddler whose only real understanding is that there is a new presence in her life. She will get over all these feelings, my sister is a barely a year younger than me and my mom is always saying how jealous i was of her at first, at least until she could play with me. It seems to me that whatever else her parents failings are they are loving parents and that is really all a kid needs to understand to grow up to be a bright confident indivdual. I know several people who are adopted or have been rasied in a house hold where they were of a different race and the most important factor always seems to be the issue of parental love and acceptence, i don’t think these kids will have those issues. I am sure there will be many other issue but i don’t know any one who has managed to grow up without at least a little bit of baggage from childhood!! Money and fame will have a much larger influence on their lives than either race or adoption. It will be interesting to see how they grow up.

  28. lysellio

    another thing that bugs me about this whole thing is the number of people who critize jolie for questioning or prepareing herself for an emotion difference b/w her children. Neither sister or myself are adopted and I am the first born. My mom has always told me and my sister that she loves up more than anything else and she loves us equally. However, she has also been honest in admitting that when she go pregnant with my sister she honestly wondered if she could love her as much as she loved me b/c she just didn’t think that was possible b/c she loved me so much more than she ever had anything else in her life and she was afraid that she couldn’t feel the same about my sister. In the end the feelings were just the same, from the moment of my sisters birth she was just as loved as I was but my mom still remember being afraid. this is something she told me years ago, the only reason i mention it is b/c of the critism jolie is taking for those comments and the questing of her feeling towards all her children.

  29. Nobody’s worshipping Jolie.

    We simply give her props for doing something worthwhile instead of blabbing about some dumb premiere or what color dress she is wearing to the freakin’ award show…

    It is not worship. It is recognition.

    I don’t care how much any of you hate this woman, you cannot deny that she is doing something worthwhile – for an actress certainly.

    I know you all come on blogs to attack people but go home and think about what this woman is saying in this video then give to a freakin’ charity or something.

    Otherwise, shut up!

  30. sickofitall

    Finally Seen The Light (above) said she WORSHIPS everything about Angelina Jolie… read it again.

  31. Blia

    If you’re so sick of this, do not come on this site but go to a religious site and post your comments there, please.
    I love my Lord and Jesus, but I also like to read and know other people in the world too…
    But God sends Angels to help each of us in so many ways that we sometimes don’t even know that they are…. =)

  32. LOLZ


  33. sickofitall


    You’ve taken something simple and run wild with it. What is with you people?

    I’m not here to talk religion. I stated a simple point. The woman above does not know Jolie. She probably watches her films and is a huge fan, but she doesn’t know her. Why on earth would you WORSHIP a movie star? Not just Jolie, but any of these stars?

    I’m not sick of celebrities. I enjoy a good movie just like anybody and I have favorites too that I admire. But to say that you WORSHIP EVERTHING about a movie star? It’s stupid and weird.

  34. FinallySeenTheLightSpeaksAgain

    Oh for Chrissakes, why must some of you people be so bloody LITERAL! Please forgive me for a moment for giving some of you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are literate enough to know that there is more than one definition to the word “worship.”

    You know what I *don’t* worship? Stupid people. And I don’t mean people who are mentally handicapped in some way, either, because they aren’t stupid. I mean the ones who are willfully and wantonly STUPID.

    Therefore do us a favor, sickofitall, and buy yourself a dictionary. To wit:

    Worship = “to regard with great, even extravagant respect, honor or devotion.”

    Hmmm, now where exactly does that say anything about religion…?

    Sweetheart, why don’t you go find yourself a bible-thumping blog where you will feel more at home and leave the rest of us shallow celeb gossip-mongers alone? It’s time for you to jump the shark.

  35. sickofitall

    Finally Seen The Light:

    You’re in the dark, you idiot!!!

  36. bupe mabs

    Angelina is not only a celeb but a hero too… i ain’t got no doubt she’s a great mom too. she adores her kids and is doing her best for them. viva Angie! dont mind the critics…. ” People who only feel good about themselves by making others feelbad” Angie!!! you are simply great.

  37. Zahara

    There is a 90% chance that Zahara would read this or other gossips when she grows up. But all she has to do is create a strong relationship with Shiloh grow closer together, and nothing will get in thier way, even if she actually sees this.

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