Zachary Quinto Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

A Socialite Life reader commented that they liked Zachary Quinto’s style and I have to agree. He kept things interesting and fun at the premiere of Breaking Upwards in New York last Thursday (April 1) with a beanie, leather jacket, and Nickelodeon-colored sneaks.

On the red carpet for the premiere the new Spock told The Daily News that getting Leonard Nimoy to appear in the Star Trek prequel required a “personal plea” from J.J. Abrams. Who knows what it will take to have Nimoy back in the next film, especially after the emotional experience for him during filming.

“I think I might have to ask him this time,”Quinto joked. That doesn’t sound like one-upping an offer from J.J. Even the Heroes star admitted the effect Abrams has on him. 

“Every time J.J. calls I pick up in a heartbeat,” he laughed. So no worries about him taking a job in the prequel’s sequel. “When [the calls] to tell me to come to work I’ll be there.”