Zachary Quinto Talks About Spock Eyebrows & Wall Street Suits

I love me some Zachary Quinto. The actor, who recently revealed that he is gay, talked with Details Magazine about everything from playing a Wall Street suit in his new film Margin Call, to a lack of eyebrows in his future. Zachary looked so adorable the other night at the premiere of Margin Call and talked about all the support he’s gotten since coming out.

So how is it that one so sexy is playing a Wall Street guy? “Our director, J.C. Chandor, brought that up once. He said, ‘I just wish we could shave your head. You’d look a little less put-together.’ The funny thing is, a month and a half after we wrapped, I did shave my head for a play. J.C. said, ‘That’s the way you should have looked in the movie!’ I’m sure there are dudes on the floors of Wall Street who look like me.”

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So when’s the next Star Trek movie happening? “People will have a better idea when they see me walking down the street with shaved eyebrows. That’s definitely the most tedious part of playing Spock. The first time, it took three weeks for them to come back in a way that I didn’t have to wear my glasses every day to hide them. It was probably two months before they were really thick and bushy again.” Can’t wait!

You can even catch some Zachary in the new show American Horror Story. “I had to go to the studio on my first day at seven in the morning and watch the pilot alone in the editing bay. I was so freaked out.” At least everyone looked really good at the premiere! How much do you love ZQ? Let us know in the comments.