Zachary Quinto Shows Off Just How Buff He’s Getting For His New Movie

Sabba Rahbar | April 28, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Holy abs, Batman! Look at Mr. Zachary Quinto right here. Even when we saw him naked on Instagram last week I had no idea he had all those muscles going on.

The Star Trek actor shared the above photo on Instagram late last night with the caption, “back to work(ing out). agent 47. home stretch.” Yeah you work it out, Zachary. 

From what I can gather on IMDb, Zachary and Rupert Friend star in Agent 47, based on the “video-game Hitman-series about the bald assassin named 47.” Rupert Friend is 47. Zachary is playing someone named John Smith, or as I like to call him Buff Smith.

So did you guys listen to me and start following Zachary on Instagram so can see all his fantastic photos for yourself? If you did, good. If you didn’t, do it now!

But first, admire Zachary’s work out skills. I am a fan.