Zachary Quinto Makes Walking Look Cool, Enjoys Playing The Villain [PHOTOS]

Zachary & A Baby
Zachary Quinto & Jonathan Groff take a baby for a stroll.
Seriously Zachary Quinto? How you get so fly?

The American Horror Story star was spotted in Los Angeles this week behaving like the perfect Angelino. You know, talking on the cellphone, walking like you just don’t care, looking awesome–it’s a skill and Zachary clearly has it.

Also, Zachary, why aren’t walking with your super adorable boyfriend Jonathan Groff? You know how we love seeing the two of you together looking so perfect. Guys! I just realized that in the next few months we’re going to get loads of pictures of Zachary and Chris Pine promoting Star Trek! Pinto for life! At least he’s not a villain in that. Can’t say the same about AHS, though.

Zachary recently opened up about what it’s like to play someone so twisted and evil. And the fact that he’s gotten to do it twice! He told reporters, “I think any time an actor revisits territory that they’ve been in before, it can be a source of trepidation, as it was for me. But part of the reason that I loved what the opportunity stood for was that I got to know, going in, I got to really build something. With Heroes, that character was built before I was ever attached to it.”

I appreciate the fact that Zach can play both villains like Skylar from Heroes or Dr. Oliver Thredson from American Horror Story and heroes like Mr. Spock from Star Trek so well. It’s a rare gift, but Zach’s got it! Launch the gallery to check out his perfect Angelino moves. What do you guys think of Zachary the villain? Sound off in the comments!