Zachary Quinto Loves Beyonce, She Does Not Love Him Back

We can basically all agree that Zachary Quinto is one of the coolest human beings in existence.

Too bad that Queen Beyonce didn’t think enough of him to invite backstage at her recent London concert. Zachary was in town promoting Star Trek Into Darkness when he decided to hit up Mrs. Carter’s concert. He got to tell Chelsea Handler all about it.

He and co-star Zoe Saldana both attended the concert–separately–and Zachary found himself taken aback when Zoe threw this out, “She was like, ‘It was so amazing. It was so fun afterwards going back and seeing Blue Ivy.’ And I was like, oh, you had much more of a full experience than I did.” It’s OK, Zachary, cause the president loves you! 

Zachary told Chelsea, “[Obama] was super cool, but the first time I met him, he gave me … not the finger, but the Spock, Vulcan salute. I was like, I really want to hang out with you so much more now.”

Hey Zachary, can I hang out with you? I have an idea. You, me, Obama seeing a Beyonce concert. How perfect will that be? And you know we’ll get invited backstage this time cause we’re with Obama. Check out the video from Zachary’s interview below and look at how hot he is at a special screening of Star Trek Into Darkness in D.C.