Zachary Quinto Looks Fine On The Red Carpet, Gets To Present A Tony Award With Matt Bomer

Zachary For GQ
Zachary Quinto looks snazzy in GQ UK.
So can we all agree that Zachary Quinto looks like a major cutie when he wears his glasses?

The Star Trek actor was sporting the bespectacled look on the red carpet last night at the Sundance Institute Vanguard Leadership Awards honoring Glenn Close. Sadly, Zachary didn’t Instagram any photos from it.

On a happier note, he did get to pose for photos with Leonard Nimoy, AKA the original Mr. Spock on Star Trek. I love whenever they do things together. You know what else I love? 

That Zachary will be presenting at the Tony Awards on Sunday with Matt Bomer. Yup, that’s some hottie on hottie. Zachary and Matt will introduce the new Tony Honor for Excellence in Theatre Education, presented by Carnegie Mellon University. And can you guess why they picked those two–aside from the fact that they’re crazy talented?

Both Zachary and Matt are Carnegie Mellon alumni. It will be fabulous. And Hugh Jackman will be bouncing. Basically, the Tonys on Sunday are going to rock your world. But first, launch the gallery for some cute Quinto. Do prefer glasses or no glasses? Sound off in the comments!