Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore Star In Wall Street Drama ‘Margin Call’

An all-star cast including Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore make up the new Wall Street banking drama Margin Call. The film tries to explain the kind of greed among traders that led to the financial meltdown as Spacey’s character debates in a 24-hour period whether or not to follow orders offload huge debts for the bank, hurting millions of people’s finances in the process. The cast also features Paul Bettany and Jeremy Irons. The film is meant to give a human face to the “villains” of the recession and explore the true roots of greed. Sounds like a contender for next year’s Oscars right? And another big step up for Quinto, who’s been getting more and more dramatic roles lately.

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“There was a period of time where you couldn’t pick up a newspaper and not read that every banker was the most horrible and greedy person that walked the face of the earth,” Spacey said in a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival today.

“The truth is … in a lot of cases, these are regular people who have regular jobs who aren’t making gazillions of dollars and who have to follow orders,” the decorated actor added. “That’s the crux of the morality of the piece and why I found it so fascinating.”