Zachary Quinto Keeps It Casual As He Reunites With ‘American Horror Story’ Co-Star Sarah Paulson

Even in just a casual jeans and t-shirt Zachary Quinto knows how to work the red carpet.

Not that I’m saying I don’t love him in some super snazzy suits! The Star Trek Into Darkness actor was spotted on the red carpet last night at a special Cinema Society and Blackberry screening of Shadow Dancer in New York City.

Oh and would you look at that, Zachary spent the evening with his American Horror Story co-star, Sarah Paulson. It’s nice to see them off-screen being normal and not on-screen freaking everybody out, don’t you agree? 

Zachary has been keeping a low profile since his high octane trip around the world for the premiere of Star Trek. He better not stay away for too long because things get sad when Zachary isn’t around. Although he seems to be making quite a name for himself in the producing world. While we’re very proud, we do hope that Zachary doesn’t decide to only do behind the camera work.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Zachary and Sarah at Shadow Dancer. Don’t you just love seeing your favorite on-screen actors hanging out off-screen? I know you do!