Zachary Quinto Is Not A Romney Fan! He’s In It To Win It For Obama [PHOTOS]

Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto casually came out of the closet.
Who are you voting for this coming election? Obama? Romney? Well, it’s clear that Zachary Quinto, actor and producer seen on Star TrekCharmed, Lizzie McGuire and CSI: Touched By An Angel, is on Obama’s side.

Greg In Hollywood reported on how adamant he is about Obama being re-elected. It’s apparent in his political choice from his efforts to support the president. He’s been traveling here and there as a campaign volunteer. Way to go, Zachary!

Quinto is attempting to influence voters towards the Obama team. There’s definitely no swaying his decision.

The choice in this election is so fundamentally clear. I feel like Mitt Romney’s reptilian self is barely able to suppress itself as we get closer to this election. That debate (Monday) night was so clear for me. How anybody could spin it that Obama did anything other than clean the floor with that guy last night, I have no idea.

Quinto is doing it all. He knows his politics, he’s absolutely wonderful on screen, and he knows where to shop! He was spotted the other day shopping at American Apparel in Hollywood. He’s just a normal person like the rest of us. Take a look at the gallery of him and his gal pal on their shopping date!