Zachary Quinto & His Puppies Enjoy A Walk As Zachary Dons The Spock Look For Xbox One

October 25th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

On most days, Zachary Quinto is awesome.

And on days when he’s all bundled up and walking his dogs, he’s even more awesome. And when on those days there’s also a new Xbox One commercial featuring Zachary as Spock, it is the most awesome of days.

The Broadway treasure was spotted in New York City today being his lovely self. Did you know that he’s a Broadway treasure? Because he totally is. The Glass Menagerie–the show he’s starring in–has even gotten extended because he and his cast are such treasures. 

I got to see the play while I was in New York and it was amazing. Know what else happened in New York? Orlando Bloom gave me his heart and I broke-up his marriage. It’s the little things.

Also, Zachary as Spock make me happy. So lucky for me that Xbox One released it’s new commercial today with Zachary in his full Spock glory coming in to tell a woman she should get Xbox One. OK Zachary, if you say so.

Check out all the photos of Mr. Quinto and his ridiculously cute pups in the gallery, and don’t forget the video below. Doesn’t it make you wanna crawl into your bed and watch Zachary and Chris Pine act alongside Benedict Cumberbatch?

By Sabba Rahbar

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