Zachary Quinto Gets Wet For GQ UK, Talks Spock Role-Playing In Bed With Andy Cohen

Zachary Quinto Covers
Actor Zachary Quinto covers August Man.
Actor Zachary Quinto is featured in the June 2013 edition of GQ UK in a very colorful spread.

Quinto gets wet, does some jumping and of course looks adorable in the editorial which was shot by photographer Dylan Don in Los Angeles, CA.

Last night he paid a visit to Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen couldn’t seem to pronounce Zachary’s last name right. He kept pronouncing it as Kinto. Bad Andy. 

Cohen asked the Star Trek Into Darkness hunk, “Has anyone has tried to get you to role-play as Spock in the bedroom?”

Quinto, 35, couldn’t help but smirk. “No,” he said, then without missing a beat added, “Not yet.”

I’m guess there would be more going on than just a mind meld in that scenario.