Zachary Quinto Gets Caught With His Pants Down While Catching Up On The Emmys

Oh how I love a good filtered, pants down shot. And thanks to Zachary Quinto, that’s exactly what we got last night.

The actor, who is currently busy shooting Michael with James Franco, couldn’t make it out to Los Angeles for the Emmy Awards last night, so instead he did what anyone would do: he watched them during his costume changes.

And of course, he made sure to share the results with us. 

Zachary shared the photo above last night with the caption, “literally watching the emmys as i change clothes between scenes for our movie… no complaints. GO FRIENDS!!!” Sadly his main friend Matt Bomer didn’t win, but The Normal Heart did, and Zachary has plenty of friends in that.

Now, does Zachary actively choose to post only sexy photos? Remember the one where he was naked? That was quite fun. See guys? This is why you need to be following him on Instagram.

Maybe if we’re lucky, next time we’ll get Zachary and James Franco with their pants down. I don’t think James will need much convincing.