Zachary Quinto Enjoys A Walk In New York City, ‘Grateful’ For His Broadway Debut

Zachary For GQ
Zachary Quinto looks snazzy in GQ UK.
Before we get into talking about Zachary Quinto’s current role on Broadway, can we chat about the fact that he’s being flanked by identical, red-headed ladies?

I’m really hoping that those are the friends Zachary was running errands with yesterday in Manhattan. The Star Trek star was being his adorable self yesterday in the Big Apple. Oh Zachary, being snazzy on the streets and on the red carpet.

Seriously, that man is glowing. Do you think it has something to do with his current role on Broadway? 

Zachary has made it clear that theater has always been the end goal. He told reporters, “It was always a means to an end to me. I always felt like I wanted to be in L.A. so that I could come back here and do theater and now I’m making good on that promise to myself.” And he is making good on it with the most amazing production of The Glass Menagerie that I have ever seen.

Honestly, now that he’s finally made his Broadway debut I wonder if he’s going to stop being so active on screen. I mean, movies and TV definitely pay better, but there’s something really gratifying about theater. Zachary even said, “I’ve been doing theater since I was 10. Theater’s my jam. It’s my life, ultimately. If I could make a living just doing theater, I feel like I really might.”

Good luck sir. We have faith in you and your abilities. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Zachary in NYC. Think the ladies are his friends? Oh! And have you guys seen The Glass Menagerie yet? Let us know in the comments!