Zachary Quinto, Demi Moore Wearing Wedding Ring At Margin Call Premiere [PHOTOS]

Demi Moore looked super thin, but wearing her wedding ring, at the red carpet premiere of her new movie Margin Call on Monday evening (October 17). This is the actresses first high profile outing since news broke of Ashton Kutcher’s one-night stand with 22-year-old Sara Leal on their sixth wedding anniversary.

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An attendee told Us Weekly, “Everyone was remarking how thin Demi was, more so than usual. She seemed in a decent mood though, even a little happy to be there.” The actress, 48, posed for photographers and tweeted a shout-out to her dress designer:

Thank you @Zac_Posen for such a beautiful frock for the “Margin Call” premiere!

Actor Zachary Quinto spoke about the response to his coming out at the film’s premiere and says he’s feeling a range of emotions, but most of all he’s grateful for the kindness he’s received since.

Watch and listen to Zachary Quinto talking about coming out at last night’s Marigin Call premiere…

“I feel so incredibly grateful to all of the people who’ve reached out to me directly or indirectly or just in spirit and I feel really, really like my entire future is laid out in a different way and it’s thrilling and scary and overwhelming,” said Quinto at the premiere of his film “Margin Call” Monday night in New York.