Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine & Karl Urban Bring ‘Star Trek’ Hunkiness To Bondi Beach [PHOTOS]

Chris Pine!
Lots of Chris Pine photos for your enjoyment.
Bondi Beach just got a lot more handsome!

Actors Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Karl Urban, along with director J.J Abrams, attended a photo call for their film Star Trek: Into Darkness at Bondi Beach today (April 22, 2013), where they posed with custom surfboards.

The group is on their worldwide promotional tour for the film which is set to be released in theaters on May 17, 2013.

Chris recently discussed the difference of how he will play Captain Kirk in the new film, as opposed to how he played the role in the first film. 

“Well in the first one, you know he was a kid,” offered Pine. “I think he got the captain’s chair because of the circumstance and not necessarily because he earned it – it just happened to go that way. And in the second, in this one, he has to earn the chair. And in earning the chair, he has to come to grips with his strengths and his weaknesses, and his weaknesses become very, very apparent. They become reflected back at him with our bad guy, John Harrison, who is this really kind of awful terrorist in that he’s violent physically but also he’s a powerful psychological warrior and is able to bring Kirk to his knees. All the things that I think James Kirk thought were his strengths become flipped. He doesn’t know what to make of himself, and I think that’s a strange thing for Jim Kirk who’s usually very obstinate. He’s a stubborn, headstrong, confident, arrogant man. I think in this it’s just that he sees all the vulnerability in his own character.”

I’m just hoping with get to see Chris Pine’s Kirk without his shirt on in this new film. I want to see Captain Kirk really let his freak flag fly in this outing.

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