Zachary Levi Is A Stud In ‘Thor: The Dark World’, Gets His Smile On At Planet Hollywood Signing

Zachary Levi Is A Cutie
The actor is all smiles on 'Letterman'
There’s a lot to love about Zachary Levi.

Not the least of which is his role as the Errol Flynn-esque lothario, Fandral, in Thor: The Dark World. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a second. I know my Zachary Levi movies, and he was not Fandral in the first Thor.” You would be right. Last time around Josh Dallas filled the blonde hair and goatee, but as he was unavailable this time, Zachary took on the role.

And we do not mind one bit. 

The super hottie brought his signature smile and kick-ass attitude to the Planet Hollywood in New York City today to do a signing for fans and to get his hands and feet imprinted in cement. At least I’m pretty sure it’s cement. In addition to his work in Thor, Zachary is currently starring in First Date on Broadway, which will sadly be closing in the upcoming year. So go now to hear him sing!

Also, have you guys seen the fake romantic comedy trailer he and Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon starred in? It’s called Falling For You, and as you can imagine, lots of falling takes place. Watch it below! Clearly today is just the day for Thor and fake romantic comedy trailers.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Zachary being adorable in NYC. So how many of you are going to see Thor: The Dark World this weekend just for Zachary’s British accent?