Zach Braff Is Not Engaged To Mandy Moore

February 20th, 2006 // 6 Comments

This comes from Zach Braff himself. The man puts to rest the rumors, and addresses a few lesser ones on his Garden State blog.

I am not engaged. But I am dating a very lovely lady. (read rags for fun if you must, but please don’t believe what you read)

I am not part tiger. (one photographer got a shot of my tail and things got blown out of proportion.)

I do love Life Cereal. (this one’s true. Man it’s good; either flavor.)

I am going to be Vesper Lind (the new Bond love interest). After the success of certain films this year, they have decided to “shake things up” this time around. And so Bond will be gay. I play Vesper Lind, a German spy who loves trip-hop and raves. I assassinate my victims by forcing them to drink the fluid inside of glow-sticks. James and I meet when our hands accidentally touch during a “Licensed to Kill” seminar in Dusseldorf. We were both reaching for an “Ain’t Misbehavin” CD that kills an enemy after he/she listens to the Act One curtain closer. Not very effective as a means of assassination since the target would have to make it through some really mediocre numbers in the first act, and like I said, it only works on “he/she’s” which aren’t very common in the spy business outside of Thailand. Can’t say much more it’s all very hush-hush…

I love Zach Braff. He’s no holds barred when it comes to what he will do for a laugh on Scrubs, and I enjoy every minute of it.

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Joshua Radin=Good [Garden State Blog]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. AnastasiaBeaverhowsen

    Oh thank god. Zach is too sophisticated for Mandy. No offense, but she is a very young 21.

  2. moi.

    this guy’s cute and funny. mandy is just a barbie bimbo

  3. Dr. tia

    Did anyone see this guy on punked ??!! He has one hell of a temper. He was about to beat the crap out of this 10 year old. He is funny but he is also a lil off.

  4. doofus

    while I agree that he’s a little old for Ms. Moore, I have to disagree with Anastasia…as famous 21 year-olds go, Mandy has got to be one of THE most mature out there.

    consider the other 21 year old “starlets” or “singers” (and I use those terms VERY LOOSELY) that are out there…

    drinking, partying, snorting coke, whoring around…I never see pics of Mandy Moore partying like the others, and she’s been pretty steady with Braff for a while.

  5. Small Fry

    I agree with doofus. This girl is light years ahead of most famous twats her age in the maturity department. Yes, she may have made some pretty crap movies, but at least she’s not sucking some dude off on tape, getting knocked up by some white trash baby daddy, getting engaged to some child from Laguna Beach or calling Scarlett J a c-word on the bathroom wall.

  6. Kit

    I say Zach can date or get engaged to whoever he wants.It’s HIS life.I just love to watch him act.Scrubs is the funniest show I have seen in years!!!

    Party on Zach.

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