Zac Posen Refused To Be Photographed With Sesame Street’s The Count

February 4th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Designer Zac Posen got bristly with a fashion magazine editor when she suggested photographing the young designer with the similarly widows-peak sporting, cape-wearing Count from Sesame Street. The photo would have been part of an editorial that features designers with characters from the childrens’ show (dear god, let’s hope this isn’t Vogue).

Posen then confronted the editor at a party in a showdown of bitchiness, the New York Times reports. Apparently, the editor had told Posen, who is famous for dressing his celeb friends, this was the only way his clothes would make it into the mag as a non-advertiser. Meow! Or should I say “blaaaggh!”

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By Lola Robertson

  1. Sean

    The Count is like at least 10x better dressed than this douche-nozzle…and he never even changes clothes.

  2. JEFF

    The count is better dressed than Zac. Zac makes his friends look so stupid in his designs, also his own family.

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