Zac Posen Packs Them In The Aisles

Fashion wunderkind Zac Posen had his show at Fashion Week, and a gaggle of celebs were present to see all the frillies.

Crazed Scientology contortionist Juliette Lewis, Angela Chase aka Claire Danes, closeted lesbian Jada Pinkett Smith, big tubby glamourgal Andre
Leon Talley
, the beefy Williams sisters, icy bob-wearer Anna Wintour, jailbaby Leighton
, wrinkled succubus Rachel Zoe, Diddy’s hot ass mother and wig enthusiast Janice Combs, drunkass 70s model Lauren Hutton, and the divine Bette Midler were only SOME of the celebs who showed up for this production.

And he’s merely a child! What will his shows be like in 2037? Like the damn Oscars!