Zac Efron’s DETAILS Interview

Everybunny loves Zac Efron, and this month he’s profiled in DETAILS Magazine.  MTV’s Hollywood was equally as smitten as the rest of us fools, and shared a glimpse into the article.  Things I learned ’bout Troy Bolton/Zac Efron from my research:

  • He is not “cool” with Shia Lebouf. Not all Disney stars get along. But a dream is still a wish your heart makes.
  • He is in a great, heterosexual relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, despite rumors that Disney put the two together to cover anything up any assumptions about Efron’s sexuality.
  • He felt REALLY bad about calling Kenny Ortega up to pull out of the Footloose remake.   It just wasn’t good, ‘kay?
  • Tom Cruise invited Efron to his house to teach him out to ride a motorcycle (and to convert him to Scientology.  That last remark was an educated guess).

I love Zac Efron.  What a wholesome cutie pie.  He was spotted fueling up his Audi at an LA gas station with a script in hand.  Wonder what the new project is…