Zac Efron Under Q-Tip Attack At Beso

March 29th, 2009 // 13 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were bombarded with Q-tips as they left the restaurant Beso last night after celebrating a friend’s birthday with Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup and Michael Vayda.

The young couple laughed about the incident as they got into their waiting car, but Zac looked a bit more serious as he was making his way through the crowd outside with Vanessa, probably realizing that the assault was based upon recent photos published of Zac at the 17 Again premiere in London that showed waxy buildup in his dirty inner ear. After they left, the evidence of the assault was littered all over the sidewalk.

The poor thing. Let this be a reminder for Zac to not slick his hair back if he doesn’t have time to swipe the ears with a Q-tip.

Check out the video of Zac Efron being attacked by Q-Tips by clicking the continue reading link below.

Gallery Info: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Attacked By Q-Tips at Beso

(video via Hollywood.TV)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. stewie

    oh my
    i admit that i sometimes 4get 2 clean my ears but not like that

    the drawbacks of being a celebrity … everybody knows your business

  2. maccallister

    waaaa this is unexpected from him!with so much wax!!!!wh is he so lazy to clean his ears?hehehe embarassing

  3. Gretchen

    Trust me, that’s not a lot of wax. And btw you’re not supposed to use q-tips to clean inside your ears. Ask an ENT.

  4. lovin zac so much

    Gretchen..I agree.

    I bet he did clean his ears and it happend to come back!
    It happens to all of us! He looks like the type of guy who is clean.
    TMZ sucks so much!

  5. Lilly

    What jerks!! It must be a reqirement that you have to be an a-hole if you want to become a pap or work for TMZ. They are sick and disgusting. Leave Zac alone!!!!

  6. liz

    That is so pathetic that people will actually survey a person that much and decide that should be the main gossip of the day. No wonder he looked serious, you hardly will expect that to happen on a nite out , people should just get a life than throw things at celebs!!

  7. brandi

    this what goes for news these days. this is so sickening. i’m almost afraid to have a public career. you can clean your ears three times a day and that doesn’t stop it from coming back. why are these guys so close to his ears anyway? who would want a job like that? i agree with you lilly. tmz is horrible.

  8. Addie

    That is so sickening. The fact that people have nothing better to do….just because celebrities are in the public eye, doesn’t mean they’re not people, who you can treat like personal toys or something, or with no respect.

  9. pickle

    you are not supposed to use q-tips inside your ears! huge misconception due to lack of health and anatomy education. thats how people break their eardrums, get infections, or lose their hearing. any doctor will tell you that…or person who popped their eardrum. wax is natural — it protects your very sensitive eardrum — whether you like the looks of it or not. zac could clean his ears other ways, if it bothers him, so that is his business.

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