Zac Efron Under Q-Tip Attack At Beso

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were bombarded with Q-tips as they left the restaurant Beso last night after celebrating a friend’s birthday with Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup and Michael Vayda.

The young couple laughed about the incident as they got into their waiting car, but Zac looked a bit more serious as he was making his way through the crowd outside with Vanessa, probably realizing that the assault was based upon recent photos published of Zac at the 17 Again premiere in London that showed waxy buildup in his dirty inner ear. After they left, the evidence of the assault was littered all over the sidewalk.

The poor thing. Let this be a reminder for Zac to not slick his hair back if he doesn’t have time to swipe the ears with a Q-tip.

Check out the video of Zac Efron being attacked by Q-Tips by clicking the continue reading link below.

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(video via Hollywood.TV)