Zac Efron Adopts The Ninja Lifestyle

22 year old heart throb Zac Efron claims that he’s adopted the ninja lifestyle. While he is busy working on establishing his new production company, appropriately titled, “Ninjas Running Wild,” Efron has other things that keep him busy…avoiding the paparazzi. In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, Efron described a typical day in his life which included his best kept secrets to avoiding the shutterbugs. While on tour to promote his new film Charlie St. Cloud, Efron said, “I’m always moving. I’m constantly running around and ducking out back entrances.” Most recently, the actor was spotted leaving his NYC hotel with loads of fans screaming outside.

Contrary to his personal life, in his latest role, Efron’s character “tries to cope with the death of his younger brother but sees him in
visions. The movie is a departure from the singing and dancing we’re
used to seeing. ‘I wanted to do something that changed expectations,’ Efron said.”