Zac Efron Is Flying

Zac Efron finds airports to be as arduous as the rest of us. Here he is at JFK in NYC, before he boards a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah to begin filming High School Musical 3: Beaten Into The Ground.

Zac will reprise his role as the jazz hands-wielding hunk Troy Bolton (gay porn star name) as he tries to face the fact that he’s going to be separated from bushfire-wielding Vanessa Hudgens when they go off to college.

Efron totally reminds me of late 70s-era Kristy McNichol. He seriously has that whole lesbian tomboy thing down. Floppy, unkempt hair. Straight leg jeans. Chucks. Western shirt. I can totally picture him making a bet at summer camp with another girl over who’s going to lose their virginity first in 1978. Except he wants the other girl. Keep in mind that in this scenario, he’s an androgynous lesbian teen. Summer camp makes you gay.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online