Zac Efron Needs To Spread His Wings And Fly

Zac Efron’s been overheard on the set of his latest movie saying he wishes he wasn’t tied down to his old lady Vanessa Hudgens anymore. Zac’s working on a flick called “Seventeen” and apparently the usual assortment of groupies, chickenheads, what have you show up for filming and Zac was heard to say “”Man, I wish I was single.” Well, yeah, but finding a girl who doesn’t mind sharing her make-up with you has gotta be hard. A lot of women wouldn’t be into that. They don’t want a guy getting his foundation or rouge or what have you all over them. Who wants to share their concealer? A “confidante” of Zac’s added that “”He thinks about being single but is afraid of the repercussions.” Yeah. tranny revelation! Zac and Vanessa will film the third and final “High School Musical” together this year.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online