Zac Efron Needs To Spread His Wings And Fly

January 31st, 2008 // 16 Comments

Zac Efron’s been overheard on the set of his latest movie saying he wishes he wasn’t tied down to his old lady Vanessa Hudgens anymore. Zac’s working on a flick called “Seventeen” and apparently the usual assortment of groupies, chickenheads, what have you show up for filming and Zac was heard to say “”Man, I wish I was single.” Well, yeah, but finding a girl who doesn’t mind sharing her make-up with you has gotta be hard. A lot of women wouldn’t be into that. They don’t want a guy getting his foundation or rouge or what have you all over them. Who wants to share their concealer? A “confidante” of Zac’s added that “”He thinks about being single but is afraid of the repercussions.” Yeah. tranny revelation! Zac and Vanessa will film the third and final “High School Musical” together this year.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. dana

    If you want to see the shocking drug video of Heath Ledger (over 10 min-uncensored) go to

  2. he needs

    He needs to stop wearing make-up and plucking his brow. Poor thing.

  3. w

    I don’t think Zac is wishing that he was ‘single’ so he could be with another girl…he’s wishing he was ‘out’ so he could be with another boy….

  4. akare

    YOu mean he is afraid of the legal repercussions, I’m sure they are paying them to pretend they are a couple so that it boosts sales of HSM and people don’t think he is a big homo.

  5. Zelda F.

    WHYFAME whores, go die somewhere. I wouldn’t look at your site if I were paid. Sick pieces of shit.

  6. rhugghed

    Yeah, Zac wishes he was with some hunk rather than Vanessa! LOL! That guy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY!

    Girls who adore this tranny, give us a break and open your eyes! LOL!

  7. Bobless

    He needs to get a decent hair cut first.

  8. Bobless

    He needs to get a decent hair cut first.

  9. Bobless

    He needs to get a decent hair cut first.

  10. BE HONEST:
    Which HETERO can give the camera’s such looks?
    Exectly: NO ONE!!
    Only professional FAGGOTS have the patent on thisone!!

  11. i disapprove

    ok…well…you people are all rediculous…is he gay?…is he straight?…does he want to be single or not?…WHO CARES?!?!?! im sorry if this is a bit rude but honestly, you people need to understand that 1) none of this affects your life in the least, 2) you are wasting your time arguing and obsessing over something completely irrelevant to anything that really matters to anyone but efron and the people he knows…and since you my friend(s) are never going to know him, you should just do whats best for yourselves and realize that, drown your sorrows in a tub of ice cream, and start being a functioning member of society because honestly i find this shit to be very…irritating. kthanxbi

  12. his is such a dumb chat

  13. Officailly Mrs Zac Efron

    Right … You Guys are Calling Zac Gay Right .. Yeah Just cuz you Lot Wanna Be with Him! Who Cares If Hes Gay Hes Still Fitt! && Maybe your Jelouse that he Can Get a Girlfriend && You Cant! Its Stupid saying these Rediculouse Things about someone when you dont Even Kn ow if the Facts are True!! Its Like Me Turning Round and Say Well Yeah Nessa’s a Tranny And has sex for £6 A time! See I dont know if those facts are true or not! They probs arnt! But Just stop being so Gay And stop saying things about people you probs have never ever met or talked to! Me myself have talked to Zac on the Phone as he is my friends cousin! So just stop being tranny’s yourself!

  14. malak

    i like you zac and your film high shool musical very much at the end i want to say i like you and good luck

  15. patty

    i thught that they were the perfect couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(

  16. unknown

    zac u r too hot

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