Zac Efron Is Seventeen Again For The First Time

“Aren’t I cute?” Zac Efron’s impish little grin seems to be asking us in these pictures of him on the set of his movie, Seventeen Again. And dammit, he totally is. I know the movie’s sort of like a different version of Big, where a guy wakes up and is seventeen years old and faced with a second chance to do high school up right this time, but that’s about all I know.

And shit, if I had been as cute as Zac at his age, I’d certainly enjoy taking that journey back in time. But let’s be realistic here, the last thing I need is to wake up looking like my 17-year-old self and the be forced to convince my mother AGAIN that just because I happen to dress like and have the same haircut as Ellen DeGeneres does not mean I’m a lesbian.

More photos from Zac Efron’s forthcoming film Seventeen Again are after the jump.