Zac Efron’s Rippling Biceps & Bungee Jumping Fun [VIDEO]

A Bloody Zac Efron
Plus, Zac's in his underwear!
Zac Efron's Hairvolution!
All of Zac's hairstyles through the years!
Sometimes when I look at Zac EfronI really have to stop and remind myself that this is indeed the same little boy from High School Musical. Look at him now! Hot, buff, dropping condoms on the red carpet–all that good stuff! Zac stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his new film, The Lucky One, and to tell us about his wild and crazy adventures. 

Who knew Zac was such a daredevil? The hottie enjoys the great outdoors during his free time and recently when bungee jumping off “The Bridge to Nowhere.” As Jay put it, “That just has death written all over it. ” With Zac chiming in, “Yeah, they kind of messed themselves up with the title a little bit didn’t they?”

More important than his daredevil activities though: those muscles on the cover of Men’s Health! Zac really packed it on to play a former Marine in. Also, I’m really digging his tattoo. Sexy, in a cute way. Make sure to check out the video of Zac’s Tonight Show interview after the jump and let us know if you’re loving the buff Zac look as much as we are.