Zac Efron Works Up A Sweat On The Set Of His New Movie, Wears Some Interesting Socks

So, after a whole slew of shirtless Zac Efron photos, sweaty Efron seems like a downgrade.

That is until you look down at his socks/shoes combo. God bless whoever is the costume designer on this new movie, because I am obsessed with it.

Zac was rocking the look in Los Angeles today on the set of his new movie, We Are Your Friends. Have you heard the plot of this movie? Because it’s amazing. Allow me to give you the IMDb storyline. 

The movie “follows a young DJ as he works on what he hopes will be his first hit track.” If I am correct, Zac will be playing the DJ named Cole Carter. At least I assume he’s the DJ, because he’s pretty much the only person with a character name. Ooo! And Wes Bentley just joined the cast. Hopefully they’ll be shirtless together.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Zac’s first day on set. Any interest in the movie? Loving the socks/shoes combo? Sound off in the comments below!