Zac Efron Watches Hockey, Makes Beanie Look Hot [PHOTOS]

It’s like Zac Efron can do no wrong.

Remember when Zac was just the teenage boy with the too-pretty voice from High School Musical? Well now he’s the super sexy man who takes in LA Kings games with his family friends.

Zac was spotted on Sunday heading to the Staples Center to watch the Kings take on the Phoenix Coyotes. That boys seems to spending an awful lot of time at the Staples Center recently. He is all about them LA teams. 

You know what would be great? If Zac did another comedy a la 17 Again. Don’t lie, you laughed during that movie. He seems to be sticking to serious stuff though. I’m so ready for him to bust some moves and make me laugh.

Of course, he could always just show off his rippling biceps. That works too. Check out the photos in the gallery and tell how much you love Zefron.

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