Zac Efron Was Actually In Rehab Twice For Cocaine Addiction

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The surprises just keep coming regarding this story.

It had been reported that Zac Efron had been in rehab for cocaine addiction in March of this year, but now TMZ is reporting that he had done rehab a second time after relapsing while filming Neighbors.

Efron had reportedly been doing cocaine for two years, as well as doing Molly. 

According to TMZ, some reasons for Zac’s cocaine issues were his major problems with his parents and their involvement in his career, his movie career struggles, lady problems and “a bad group of friends” who he has now nixed from his life. Hmm. I’m guessing we won’t see Zac hanging around with Rumor Willis much anymore.

While acknowledging he does “like to have fun,” the actor pointed out that “some people can handle it and some people can’t.” Though he was struggling in private, several nightlife sources revealed to People that he didn’t appear out of control while clubbing and in fact tried to keep a low profile.

“He would make sure that his friends surrounded him and was clearly concerned with his privacy … almost to a paranoid level,” says one insider who has seen him frequently at L.A. hotspot Bootsy Bellows drinking vodka soda.

Kudos to Zac for realizing that he need help, and getting the help that he needed a second time. Hopefully Zac can keep focused on his recovery and grow from this experience.

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