Zac Efron Tries To Hide His Pretty Face From The World [PHOTOS]

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We dare you not to blush.
Why so shy Zac?

A camera-shy Zac Efron covers his face on the set of Townies in Los Angeles yesterday (April 15, 2013). Personally, I think it is just plain rude of Zac to try and deprive us of seeing his beautiful face.

Zac was back on set after an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night (April 15, 2013), in which his co-stars Seth Rogan and Danny McBride dropped trou. Once again, I’m just a little disappointed that Zac didn’t join in on the fun.

At least we’ll see Zac shirtless in Townies. Seth spoke with MTV about being shirtless on set with Zac. 

I had to stand shirtless next to Zac Efron all morning. He literally has the best body I’ve ever seen on a human being ever in my life. We literally had to write in to the scene that I couldn’t keep eye contact with him ’cause I kept just like reaching out and touching his body like I was seeing some magical mirage or something like that.

Seth, you were seeing something magical. Something that should be seen a least once a day.

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