Zac Efron Talks Marriage, Flaunts His Lighter Locks In London [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron Takes A Peek
Zac Efron with his hand down his pants!
The Lucky One actor Zac Efron, showing off his sun streaked hair, waved to his fans as he leaves the BBC Radio 1 Studios on April 24, 2012 in London, UK.

Asked what makes someone marriage material, he told Women’s Health: “A sense of ambition and a sense of freedom, which is a careful mix. You have to balance those two. I haven’t exactly found it yet.”

But the former High School Musical actor is having a good time looking for Mrs. Right, and likes to improvise when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex.

Sharing his techniques, he said: “[I ask] ‘so do you like ‘High School Musical’?’ 

“I’m kidding! If the situation’s right, buy someone a drink. Think on your toes, use what’s around you, and come up with something organic and fun.”

And he knows a date is going well when: “It ends up going on longer than planned … and you don’t even realize it. You don’t want it to end.”