Zac Efron Looks Super Buff, Will Star In New Nicholas Sparks Novel Adaption ‘The Lucky One’

Zac Efron has been looking more like a manly man these days and the ladies aren’t complaining. From being out in his underwear, to peacing out like a bad ass when he leaves the grocery store, we just can’t get enough of the more tough looking Zac. Now women everywhere will get another opportunity to swoon over him as he stars in another Nicholas Sparks novel being adapted for the big screen.

“[This] stars Efron as a Marine who attributes the fact that he’s survived three tours of duty in Iraq to a photograph he carries of a woman he doesn’t know. Returning to the states, he sets out to find her,” said a source from The Hollywood Reporter.

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Seen here, Zac Efron arrives at LAX from a recent flight looking very buff on September 16th. I’m not loving his simple white tee and jeans with a flat brimmed ball cap, but he just stepped off a flight so it’s forgiven. The kid is purely adorable. There are only a few men that can wear tank tops and make them look good. It’s interesting that people are considering him for more serious characters now, but can he really pull off being a gritty hardened marine? It remains to be seen. And that ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake they are considering Zac for? I’m sorry, but no one can replace Patrick Swayze, it just cannot be done.