Zac Efron Suits Up & Looks Sexy At TIFF Premiere Of ‘Paperboy’ [PHOTOS]

Things that make me happy: Zac Efron wearing suits.

The super hot actor was looking, well, super hot at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Paperboy. Zac showed off his fabulous self in a sexy black suit and that amazing smile that we all love so much. You know the smile. The one he so proudly showed off at the TIFF premiere of At Any Price.

Paperboy has been getting quite a lot of press since its debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Just in case you can’t remember for some reason, it’s the one where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac’s face. You can check out the trailer here. So how did Zac feel about that scene?

Apparently he has very little emotions about. He told reporters that he barely remembers filming it. “I can’t remember. It was a few (takes). My character was sort of unconscious for it.” Well, we do know that at least it wasn’t real pee, that much he remembered.

It’s interesting seeing the guy from High School Musical in these more mature roles. Hopefully he can continue to make it work because I for one very much enjoy seeing Zac on the big screen. Especially in a suit. Zac! Wear suits more often! Please!

Launch the gallery to check out the photos from the red carpet premiere. How do you guys feel about the film? Excited? Confused? Just want to see Zac Efron be hot? Sound off in the comments!