Zac Efron Shows Off HIs Muscles, Gets Busted By Cops During ‘Townies’ Night Shoot

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We dare you not to blush.
Zac Efron and Dave Franco were hard at work late last night (May 23, 2013) filming scenes for their movie Townies in Los Angeles, CA.

At one pointed during filming, Zac’s character looked to be throwing a marijuana themed party, and he was smoking from a marijuana cigarette. Hijinks occur and Zac’s character is put into handcuffs and is arrested.

Amanda Bynes would have been so proud. 

Earlier in the shoot, Zac is showing off his guns for his frat boy brothers. Thanks for the flex Zac. That will help get us through the day.

Zac is a busy man. The movie star tweeted his excitement for one of his upcoming films.


Zac in an action thriller. Me like.

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