Zac Efron Shows Hint Of Chest Underneath Robe On ‘Townies’ Set

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We dare you not to blush.
Zac Efron, along with his new titanium hand, were spotted wearing a robe on the set of Townies yesterday. Lucky for us, there was a moment when his robe opened to give us a glimpse of his amazing chest.

Heather Graham, who stars with Zac and Dennis Quaid in the new movie At Any Price, talked about how to was to work with the actors, and have a sex scene with Zac.

Heather told Refinery29 that it wasn’t hard to image herself being the love interest for the two actors. 

“You just put yourself in the situation and say, ‘If I was this person in this situation…’ I mean, as the actor you really have to be on your character’s side. I just thought, it’s so fun to get to work with the both of them, and I feel like, what woman wouldn’t be so excited? You know, these two hot men, to do scenes with them. I mean, if that was your life, that wouldn’t suck.”

As for prepping for the sex scene, in which Efron and director Ramin Bahrani had never shot before, Heather reflected on their conversation.

“Well, it was kind of funny because Ramin [Bahrani, the director] and Zac both came up to me and they were like, ‘You know, we’ve never done a sex scene before so we’re kind of nervous,’ and I was kind of laughing because I thought suddenly now I’m going to be like, ‘Let me tell you about sex scenes’ because I’ve done them before,” Heather laughed. “But I just said, ‘Don’t be nervous, it’s gonna be good.’ You know, whatever. It was more just getting relaxed and feeling comfortable with each other.”

I’m expecting his scene to be hotter than hell, so Zac and Heather, please don’t leave me disappointed!

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