Zac Efron Poses For Selfies With His Fans

Zac Efron is so great! The actor stopped to take selfies with his fans at JFK airport. He along with his Neighbors co-star, Seth Rogen, made a few of their fans happy by snapping photos with them.

The actors were at the airport waiting for catch a flight out, most probably to promote their new film which comes out in theatres tonight!

Meanwhile, Zac and Seth had a lot of fun on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week! The threesome performed the famous “Ew’ skit dressed up as girls! The skit takes place in the bedroom of Sara, like always, and has the actors texting, taking selfies, and saying ew every five seconds!

The “Ew” skit is one of everyone’s favourites and has featured celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Channing Tatum, and Emma Stone.

Super funny! Definitely worth the watch…