Zac Efron Parks In Handicapped Spot, Get Parking Ticket [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron Takes A Peek
Zac Efron with his hand down his pants!
Someone is need of a spanking. I guess the parking ticket will have to do.

Zac Efron returned to his car that received a ticket for parking in a handicap spot while at a meeting in West Hollywood, CA. He also spotted carrying a cooler for his special diet. We’re glad to see that Zac is watching what he’s eating because he needs to keep that hot bod in shape.

Zac has stated the he’s a big fan on traveling. Now that he’s single again, he might want to embark on a little journey. “I haven’t had the chance to visit India but I would like to visit soon,” says the 24-year-old, in an interview with HT City, adding, “…and I would like to use this platform and thank my Indian fans. I love you all.” 

He can’t recall the names, but the actor is upbeat about Bollywood too. “I have watched a couple (of Bollywood films). They took me back to the High School Musicals, where your emotions are conveyed through beautiful melodies,” he says. “I loved Slumdog Millionaire, and I thought it’s a fantastic film,” adds the actor, surprised when told that the multiple-Oscar award winning drama was not an Indian production.

Zac’s still learning. Check out Zac’s summer body along with a slew of other hotties.