Zac Efron On His Watching Naked Scenes: “Is It Over?” [PHOTOS]

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While Zac Efron looked like his usual dapper self, smiling and waving to fans holding up “Marry Me” signs, The Lucky One co-star Taylor Schilling looked worse for wear.  

The former Mercy actress appeared a bit haggard and fatigued at Melbourne Premiere at Village Cinemas Crown today (April 11th) in Melbourne, Australia.  Perk up, lady!  You’re in a movie with Zac Efron.  Right.  Maybe that’s the problem…

Efron told MTV Australia that while he wants to keep up his military fitness regimen, he wasn’t all that comfortable seeing himself naked.  “I’ve only seen a rough cut of the film, but at the end of that thing I was squirming. I was at the bottom of my seat, like, ‘Arghhh!’  And they’re like, ‘Where did you go Zac?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m on the floor, is it over? Is it over?’”

That’s adorable.