Zac Efron Makes Out With Michelle Rodriguez In Ibiza During A Long Night Of Partying

August 1st, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Well, it seems that whole Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez thing isn’t quite over yet.

After taking a quick break in Los Angeles, Zac is back on the vacation grind, this time in Ibiza and once again with Michelle. And oh you guys, they were getting friendly. The duo was seen leaving their private yacht last night and headed over to a club, which is where the making out took place.

We’ve got the video of them all over each other after the jump, courtesy of TMZ

So, is there some sort of cosmic thing going on right now that states all the interesting things have to happen in Ibiza? That’s where Orlando and Justin fought, it’s where Justin then hung out with Michelle and now it’s where Zac and Michelle are hooking up. What a fascinating place indeed.

Check out the video of Zac and Michelle below, then launch the gallery to get better look at the two on their yacht. I’m just so confused by all of this. I mean, clearly they’re having fun, but could there be another reason for all of this? Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

By Sabba Rahbar

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