Zac Efron Looks Hot While Running Around West Hollywood, Is Joining Bear Grylls In The Wild

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We dare you not to blush.
Run, Zac Efron! Run!

Sorry, that joke will never get old, especially when it’s actually what’s happening. Zefron was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday, making his way through loads of people as he ran to a meeting. At least I assume he was on his way to a meeting, why else would he be running?

Although he could just be preparing himself to head into the wild with Bear Grylls for Bear’s new NBC show Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Basically, he takes a bunch of awesome celebs like Zac and Channing Tatuminto the wild for 48 hours and makes them do all sorts of crazy survival things. I’m not sure if they’ve shot the show already, so no idea if Zac got injured or not.

I mean, the guy broke his jaw slipping on water (allegedly), so hopefully he was careful. I am super stoked about this show, and you should be too! So to get you excited, launch the gallery and appreciate all the photos of Zac looking good while running. Oh yeah, run Zac.