Zac Efron Looks Hot On Set, Even When He Pairs Sandals With A Suit [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron is a beautiful man.

This is a fact and you must accept it. And he is especially beautiful when we spot him on set wearing a suit, like what we got to see today on the set of Zac’s latest movie, Townies.

While Zac’s suit may be preppy chic, his footwear certainly is not! Who knew that pairing flip-flops with a fancy suit and tie would work? Apparently Zac knew and we are totally cool with it. So, when do we finally get to see one of these Zac Efron movies on the big screen? 

I feel like he’s constantly filming something new, but he’s nowhere to be found in my local movie theatre. Come on Zefron! I want to see everything! How about At Any Price? I wanna see that mostly because he seemed so excited about it at SXSW. Side note: Zac should make more musicals because that would make me happy.

Check out all the photos of Zac and his casual footwear in the gallery! Think he’s pulling of the look? Excited to see what other Zac goodies the Townies set will bring us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!