Zac Efron Is One Hot Piece Of Ass; Check Out This #ThrowBackThursday!

Zac Efron's Career
A look at some of the milestones of Zac's acting career.
From high school hottie to all grown up mega hunk Zac Efron has matured in more ways than one! Zac’s gorgeous face debuted back in ’06 starring in Disney’s High School Musical. Between his killer dance moves to his pitch perfect voice Mr. Efron was untouchable.

With the Disney fame under his belt and his at time on and off set girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, Zac really was topping charts! There was nothing to not love about this heartthrob! It’s not often these days someone plays their actual age in the media world so seeing Zac go through his figurative high school years on set and then off to college was truly like watching him grow up through the years!

Zac now a days when not starring in a major motion picture is seen with skateboard in hand trying to blend in with us normal folk as much as humanly possible! I say this because his newly muscular man body has woman feeling a little hot and bothered so “blending in” is close to impossible for this tall glass of milk!

If you couldn’t already tell I’m kinda obsessed with Mr. Efron and hey, if your reading this Zac IM SINGLE!!! On that note I could go on and on but I’ll end this rant on the plain fact that Zac Efron has done the world a good thing by gracing it with his presence!