Zac Efron Is Not DatingTeresa Palmer

Why is it with rumors like this, that you never hear about the rumor until someone denies it? Could this be a clever PR tactic? Me thinks so!

The latest such rumor involves Zac Efron and actress Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four). The twosome were apparently seen kissing, drinking and dancing together leading many to believe the two actors were an item.

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Teresa took to her Twitter account to clear up the rumor:

Wow laughing at all these crazy comments!! I am only going to say this once and never say it again….Zac is my FRIEND and I have known him for years. I am very happy to be single and felt the need to put his young fans out of their misery!

Glad you cleared that up Teresa. What do you think about the rumor? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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